Since 1996 year BASYS group of companies has implemented projects that ensured the integration of security systems and life support buildings systems.

The great merit of BASYS is the professionalism of its staff and the advanced product range. The most important conditions for the successful management of the company are rapid and effective decision-making, quick response to market changes and well understanding the needs of the clients.

We offer innovative products and integration solutions in the sphere of security systems: security alarm system and fire safety, access control, video monitoring, hospital communication and optimizes the interaction of all systems of monitoring and control of the building.

BASYS is the German quality.

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Comprehensive integrated security system:

  • fire alarm system;
  • fire alarm evacuation;
  • automated water fire fighting system;
  • automated gas fire fighting system;
  • dry chemical fire fighting system;
  • indoor fire extinguishing system;
  • fire fighting water supply system;
  • fire fighting primary means supply;
  • smoke abatement and space air overpressure;
  • automatic fire fighting equipment; * fire door , fire gates, fire protected, fire proof curtains;
  • flame retardant of material, products and constructions;
  • buildings and constructions protection against lightning;
  • security signal system;
  • antitheft system;
  • access control;
  • automatic time tracking, including parking, drive automation gates and barriers, etc.;
  • inspectation systems;
  • technical security equipment – locks, revolution door, tourniquets, walling including armored, bulletproof glass and profile different strength classes;
  • security and video monitoring technology.

Engineering systems and equipment:

  • structured cabling and computer networks, and systems;
  • aeration and ventilation;
  • refrigeration and air conditioning;
  • solar power, batteries and header;
  • water supply and sewerage;
  • lighting and electrical.

BASYS realizes the intelligent building projects and successfully operates in this area, offering a comprehensive approach to each project:

  • selection of technical means in accordance with the regulatory framework and in accordance with the established concept;
  • design expertise of the project;
  • sale (supply) equipment, hardware directly from the manufacturer;
  • installation of systems used (equipment);
  • commissioning activities, turnkey;
  • the company provides training the staff, that manage and service fire; protection systems and life support systems;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • clock technical support.

We design systems of different scales in offices and shopping centers, hotels and luxury residential complexes, as well as at airports, sports and entertainment centers, logistic complexes.

Our staff is highly qualified specialists, who has been trained in Germany and has the experience of designing systems in Ukraine.