A wide range of KABA products – are excellent individual solutions and a high-quality German competence.

Recommended security and access control system solutions in airports:

  • Entrance to the airport (circular sliding doors, revolving doors Talos RDR, revolving doors with emergency exit function and other);
  • Automated boarding pass control (a sensor barrier with automatic swing panels with an integrated card reader and a display for passenger information);
  • Passport and customs corridor (a sensor barrier Argus HSB-MO3 with automatic swing panels, an integrated pass reader and a display for passenger information, automatic sensor gates, tripod barriers) ;
  • VIP lounges (an interlock Orthos);
  • Landing exits (tripod barriers Kerberos TPB-E01);
  • Passage from the arrival aria to the common aria (an one-way corridor Orthos PIL-MO2);
  • Customs exit (automatic swing doors, automatic double half-height swing gates);
  • Airport staff (Geryon revolving doors, interlocks Orthos, a half-height sensor gate Charon MSD-S01);
  • Visitors terrace (half-height turnstiles Charon HTS-LO2);
  • Entrance into the facility (full-height turnstiles with card readers).

Recommended security and access control system solutions for railway and metro stations:

  • Entrance to the station (revolving doors Talos);
  • Access to the platforms (sensor barriers HSB and sensor gates HSG equipped with card readers, tripod barriers TPB);
  • The special solution for railways and metro stations (sensor barriers and gates Argus);
  • Access to the sanitary facilities (special access system);
  • Entrance to the station (a full-height turnstile with an integrated access system);
  • Restricted areas for staff (sensor barriers Argus or half-height turnstiles Charon, Geryon security revolving doors, personal interlocks with card readers and biometric devices);
  • Parking for bicycles (a bike park protected by turnstiles with integrated bike door);
  • Perimeter protection (full-height turnstiles with card readers Kentaur, full-height gates Kentaur).

BASYS Group as an official representative of KABA Gallenschuetz on Ukrainian market provides the full complex of activities in the field of security systems integration and buildings life support (design, sale and supply of equipment, installation, commissioning works, warranty/post-warranty service).