New items of MIPS 2014 (Date: 14-APR-14 to 17-APR-14)

MIPS is the biggest event for the security and fire safety industry in Russia and CIS countries. It presents a full range of products and services for integrated security in all spheres of modern life.


  • Video monitoring product line 2014;
  • Equipment for evacuation management systems;
  • Physical access systems – КАВА.
  • Burglar alarm (Honeywell)

    Galaxy® FlexV3 is the newest hybrid (wired and wireless) panel of security and fire alarm system with wireless module RF Portal and event verification system. This full-featured product is intended for the protection of apartments, offices, small and medium-sized objects, characterized by ease of use and installation, as well as increased reliability.

    Video verification with alarm control panel

    The function of visual verification now included in Galaxy Flex V3 offers customers a way to faster and more reliable than existing auditory and sequential methods alarm verification. The central station of alarms (CRA) will receive a series of previous images, during and subsequent to the alarm in order to verify a threat of quickly and easily. Thanks to those images, the CRA can be carried out more reliable identification of the reason for the alert, reducing false alarms and avoiding the unnecessary use of resources of security staff, installers, etc. as well as minimize the inconvenience and the penalties associated with false alarms.

    Intruder systems – control panels LeSucre: innovative design for full-featured monitoring apartment or cottage. Wireless technology by Honeywell allows installation the detectors around the perimeter, providing a high-quality signal transmission and at the same time without breaking the design space. The panel is very easy to install, setup and connection can be performed remotely, reducing costs for installation as well as on operational service.

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