• Burglar alarm -  Honeywell;
  • Equipment for evacuation management systems;
  • Physical access systems – КАВА.
  • Product line of video monitoring 2014

    IS-4500 IP Video Door Phones

    The Honeywell IS-4500 is a stylish TCP/IP based Video Door Phone system delivering the flexibility and control required for high quality property complex visitor management, property protection, intercom, message service and elevator control.

    Main functions:

    • Communication between property owner and visitors, security guards,   neighbors;

    •In-house inter-communication by voice to sub-phones (up to 8 units IP sub phones);

    • Access control: triple visitor entry identification (community/building/apartment), supported by lobby phone and door cameras;

    • Up to most recent 30 color photos to store for property owners and management center;

    • Public area monitoring via compatible models of IP cameras (lift lobby, mailbox zone, playground, parking lot, etc.);

    • Interface to elevator comes with standard IP protocol for 3rd party elevator, lift call, lift status and visitor authorization functions are available to save waiting time, Graphical user  interface in Russian.


    The new D25, M25 and Q25 5-megapixel IP camera models deliver high-contrast images without motion blur, even in poorly illuminated scenes thanks to the new MOBOTIX low-light optimization feature. They are considerably more light sensitive than the respective predecessor models and have twice as many pixels as Full HD. The motion sensor configures itself automatically.

    • Exposure Optimization And Reduced Image Noise For 5 MP Cameras (MxLEO: Lowlight Exposure Optimization): reduced motion blurring, reduced image noise, application-oriented exposure setting, optimized MxActivitySensor recording results.
    Reduction of false alarms: MxActivitySensor – the smart motion analysis, which reduces the number of false events.

    Thermal video modules for model S15D with Germanium lens L43, L65 or L135

    Detection at night: M15D-Thermal – the latest MOBOTIX development.

    A thermal imaging camera protection class IP-66 is based on the popular model M15D with two sensors. Combined with the already applied technologies (infrared sensor, a microphone, etc.) And video analysis software functions MxActivitySensor can more accurately determine the objects that are hidden to the naked eye, as well as the direction of their movement even in the dark. In parallel with a thermal sensor in the camera body used one sensor for object identification.The interface of the camera uses a dual monitor display (thermal and normal). Thus, the modular design of the camera M15D-Thermal provides maximum flexibility in choosing the appropriate sensor with the required angle.

    Modular system for building automation: IP door communicator MOBOTIX T25 equipped with a keyboard for entering the code and RFID reader for access control to the building. With the support of the SIP standard it can establish a direct connection with any VoIP-phone, and if necessary — with a computer or smartphone using the program for VoIP-connection.
    Remote video station MxDisplay control door communicator MOBOTIX T25 as a modern smartphone: the user can view an overview camera in the house, get the latest video message from the intercom or register a new access card for the visitor (support RFID, built-in Wi-Fi module, which can operate in AccessPoint management interface, In/Out for connecting external devices (light, entrance gates, etc.), customizable screens, comfortable handling and viewing alarms, playback of voice mail and events records, feeding PoE).


  • Burglar alarm by Honeywell;
  • Video monitoring product line 2014;
  • Physical access systems – КАВА.
  • Escape door systems

    New models from effeff Assa Abloy Sicherheitstechnik GmbH 2014:

    Effeff 118W – compact electric strike for use on the street, the garden gate, and in rooms with high humidity (up to 100%);

    Effeff 351M – motor electric strike for swing doors;

    An electromotive swing bolt effeff 842 – the new product of the end 2013, an actuating device on the door of any type using overhead covers;

    Assa Abloy effeff EXIT Alarm 7411 – detector for bolt switching contact Type of messaging Electronic, utonomous system alarm output: surface mount door handle button, which triggers an optical and acoustic alarm;

    • Electronic door fitting ESA500/ESA501 – the EXITalarm electronic alarm for retrofitting individual doors;

    • ASSA ABLOY door closer DC700G-FT with Cam-Motion® technology, extended mounting plate and integrated latch bolt, extended guide rail with integrated escape door strike. This product was awarded 2013 the “Red Dots”.

    X-618 Digital warning and evacuation system

    The new system of broadcasting and notification shall be applied to objects of any level.

    Central elements of systems support standard Ethernet, which makes it possible to build an autonomous system for a small object and to expand it up to a distributed system on different buildings with a single logic operation.

    Digital processing and transmission provide high sound quality background music and voice messages. The sound may be transmitted in any zone within a distributed system. The built-in timer allows you to program different modes of broadcasting audio sources in different zones depending on the parameters (time, day of the week …).

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