• Personal interlock Orthos detect PIL-M06;
  • Access Kaba exos® 9300;
  • 3D-visulization Kaba 360° City;
  • Sensor barrier Argus HSB-E12;
  • KABA solutions for mobile access;
  • The latest new products from KABA for biometric solutions;
  • Modular system Kaba evolo;
  • Photos from exhibition.

  • 3. Kaba 360° City.
    3.	Access with Kaba exos® 9300 – protection and good organization

    The Kaba 360° City illustrates the 3D world of Kaba. You will find here the Kaba’s wide range of products can be used in your company:

    • 3D displayed Kaba solutions  from a user’s perspective
    • Detailed product information
    • Explanation of operating principles

    Dive into your virtual company with the App Kaba 360° City!

    Products functionality

    The product browser presents an overview of all Kaba’s products and their operating principles. Each product is configured in a 3D product view. Here you can find fact sheets, films and pictures relating to the products.

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