• Personal interlock Orthos detect PIL-M06;
  • Access Kaba exos® 9300;
  • 3D-visualization Kaba 360° City;
  • Сенсорный барьер Argus HSB-E12;
  • KABA solutions for mobile access ;
  • The latest new products from KABA for biometric solutions;
  • Modular system Kaba evolo;
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  • 5. KABA solutions for mobile access.

    KABA mobile access solutions use the newest technology NFC (Near Field Communication) for receiving, revoking and updating digital credentials on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.), that are based on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentifikation) to access hotel rooms, houses, university accommodations, laboratories, server rooms, remote utilities and commercial buildings.

    Technical Data:

    • Hosted by Legic IDConnect (www.legic.com)
    • Compatible with NFC and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) mobile devices (Android, iOS and Blackberry)
    • Provides real-time access on demand using over-the-air provisioning
    • No software to install, maintain or manage. System operates as a service to Kaba customers
    • Security; system uses full 256-bit bidirectional encryption and key storage, which is one of the most secure in the world
    • Works with and without the use of Secure Elements (Embedded, UICC and SD Card)
    • Supports Legic Advant, Mifare Classic and Mifare Desfire multi-application technology credentials
    Photo examples: mobile access
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