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  • Access Kaba exos® 9300;
  • 3D-visualization Kaba 360° City;
  • Sensor barrier Argus HSB-E12;
  • KABA solutions for mobile access ;
  • The latest new products for bimetric solutions;
  • Modular system Kaba evolo;
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  • 7. Modular system Kaba evolo.

    Kaba evolo opens the world of electronic locking systems:

    • As many users per door as you like
    • Group authorizations: up to 512 groups (consisting of users or doors) can be created and clearly arranged. As many access media as required can be programmed quickly and efficiently.
    • Individual rights: access media with individual time windows can be created, e.g. for cleaning staff or temporary workers
    • Reservations: authorizations can be prepared with speciic start and end times (date and time of day),e.g. for visitors
    • Audit trail: stores up to 2000 events per door (this feature can be disabled)

    TimePro functions:

    • Day/night time profiles: doors can be programmed in such a way that they can be accessed freely at certain times
    • Office function: authorized access media can open the door, which then closes again automatically at a pre-set time
    • Up to 15 daily time profiles, each with 12 time windows, can be programmed per system
    • Up to 20 holiday blocks and 2 sets of 32 selected days can be programmed per system

    The products range Kaba evolo

    Kaba evolo is the new product line of Kaba standalone access systems, supports technologies LEGIC prime, LEGIC advent, Mifare Classic and Mifare DESFire.

    For every situation – corresponding product, for every need – corresponding solution!

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