Fire extinguishing systems are the devices designed to extinguish fires of different classes.

Fire extinguishing systems:

  • water mist fire modules;
  • water extinguishing modules;
  • powder fire modules;
  • gas fire modules;
  • fire-extinguishing aerosol generators;
  • lock systems.

Water mist fire suppression modules are used to extinguish fires of different classes, depending on the extinguishing agent. The extinguishing agents are water and water with additives, gas-water mixture. Atomized water jet is a jet with the arithmetic mean droplet size of 100 microns.

Water extinguishing modules are designed to extinguish fires of different classes (A-burning solids and B – burning liquids). As a fire extinguishing agent, it is used an aqueous solution of inhibitory substances and blowing agents.

Modules powder fire are used at automated powder fire and intended for distribution and storage of fire extinguishing powder. These modules are applied in extinguishing fires or localization of various classes (A, B, C – the combustion gases), that is determined by the mark of the extinguishing powder. This module is used to extinguish a fire on the electrical system, which is under stress.

Gas extinguishing modules are cylinders with shut-starting device to store and release the gas fire-extinguishing agents. The extinguishing agent  is in the gaseous state and an individual chemical compound or a mixture of them.  Start in this module may be mechanical, electrical, pneumatic or represent a combination thereof.

Fire-extinguishing aerosol generators are intended to extinguish fires volumetric method in class and subclass A2 (burning solids, not followed by decay). This device for extinguishing aerosol with specified parameters and its supply to into protected area not higher than 10 m and the parameter leaks no more than 0.04 m-1 (up to 5000m3, with a degree of leakage of not more than 1.0% in volume from 5000 m3 to 1000 m3, power leakage at not more than 0.5%). Generators are used to extinguish a fire on the electrical, which is energized.

Locking devices are the extinguishing installation, designed to feed off and regulating the flow of the extinguishing agent in the installation of water, gas and foam fire extinguishing systems.

Fixed fire extinguishing systems are intended to prevent fire, and fire protection of persons and property. They used to protect buildings and structures with increased fire danger in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.

Fire sprinkler is unique and it is almost invisible after installing. This sprinkler is one of the smallest caps-plates, as well as a very low cross-sectional profile among the majority of fire sprinklers. Excellent performance of our fixed fire extinguishing systems provides an opportunity for buyer to significantly reduce the amount of sprinklers and to minimize the number of pieces of equipment of the hydraulic system. Eventually you will be able to lower the cost of setting the fire. Maximum protected area fire enables our clients to place the sprinkler in the center of the room, not reducing, thus, the area of irrigation.

Universal sprinkler with connecting thread size 3/8″ socket outlet up and down. It is an automatic sprinkler bulb type, belonging to the type of  «quick response sprinkler». It is designed for using in sprinkler systems that have been designed in accordance with the fire standards and regulations. It could be with different surface and temperature of operation.