Automatic fire alarm system is the main element of the fire protection building complex. Most technologically fire alarm system at the moment is the address analogue system a system of early fire detection. Its efficiency is 15-20 times higher compared to the classical one.

The functions of the fire alarm system are:

  • early detection of the primary fire signs,
  • supply of warning signals to service staff and post of fire control,
  • issuance signals for control systems that perform fire prevention measures.

Optimally configured system of early fire detection produced by ESSER by Honeywell (Germany), offered by us, allows you to realize the full potential inherent in it – high performance capabilities of the system and longevity!

Fire control panels FlexES, IQ8Control C and IQ8Control M produced by ESSER by Honeywell (Germany), all series fire detectors, control modules and production are certified to 02.2016.

Our proposed fire alarm system consists of the following main components:

  • control panels FlexES;
  • control panels IQ8Control C and IQ8Control M;
  • ring loop systems esserbus-PLus or esserbus;
  • multifunctional detectors with inbuilt alarm sirens and voice alarm functions;
  • universal mounting base for automatic detectors of all types (T, O, OT, OTblue, O2T, OTG);
  • manual detectors IQ8MCP;
  • control and expansion modules;
  • innovative wireless components IQ8Wireless.