Our solution to your problems

Such responsible activities for the customer, as the development and adaptation of the fire safety projects often lead to a significant loss of time, effort and money.

The company will take over your problems.

We will coordinate and ensure the maximum economic benefit beginning from the adoption of pre solutions up to implementation and successful operation of professional fire safety systems.

We will help the customer to agree on the concept of fire safety in the most advantageous way for him to fire protection facility. We will also find ways to optimize costs in the design, construction or reconstruction.

Since 1996 BASYS Group has been the official authorized partner of German manufacturers of security systems ESSER by Honeywell, Honeywell Security Group («eff-eff-alarm»), Ackermann clino, KABA Gallenschuetz GmbH, CentraLine by Honeywell, and has supplied equipment and performed automation engineering technical building systems – control systems and scheduling, integrated security and fire protection.

When implementing the integrated complex of security systems, that are supplied by the same manufacturer, you have an opportunity using a single program to implement ergonomic control of the entire building system from a single workstation (PC), that allows you to quickly eliminate the source of danger in the case of an alarm.

Besides the basic functions of management security and fire alarm systems, receiving stations, manufactured by ESSER by Honeywell, with optional modules could serve as the scheduling and automatic fire control (control of fire doors, alert, elevators and escalators, fire suppression systems, smoke, flame-retardant valves, ventilation and air conditioning, electricity supply, gas, etc .), as well as any other systems do not require parameterization.

Software products WINMAG combine two companies ESSER by Honeywell and Honeywell Security Group («eff-eff-alarm» – developer and manufacturer of security alarm system and access control) and integrates under a single user interface:

• fire alarm;

• alarm in case of fire;

• management and access control;

• control system emergency exits;

• video monitoring;

• POS systems;

• systems of other companies controlled via OPC (it allows visualization and control systems, building automation, such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water, blinds, etc.) and performs their visualization in the form of graphics with dynamic characters, tables, texts.

This program allows for ergonomic operation at all complex systems from a single workstation (PC) and fast fault clearance the source of danger in the case of an alarm.

Highly skilled employees will promptly offer the optimal solutions for the implementation of integrated security systems and automation for your object.