Using energy-efficient building management systems is the only solution to reduce the cost of the upkeep of buildings. Energy costs often exceed 25% of the total costs of the companies. The control system CentraLine by Honeywell can reduce these costs by more than 30%.

Any building contains many different systems, measuring devices, ventilation control, heating, lighting … and more. Working independently, these systems do not provide a high level of energy efficiency. Thus, you overpay for energy despite the fact that using a full set of «smart» systems.

Automation and dispatching of the engineering systems

BASYS Group (based on equipment CentraLine by Honeywell) will connect all the systems together. This makes it easy to monitor and optimize all the systems, thereby reducing energy consumption and operating cost of the building. SCADA system CentraLine by Honeywell is based on web technologies. Thus monitoring system can be carried out from anywhere using an Internet browser.