1. For making you a delivery, you send us a request in the free form of the name of the product and its quantity.

2. We expect the requests from you by the telephone or fax numbers, that you could find in our contacts, or email: mail@basys.ua

3. Within two working days from receipt of the application, manager specifies all the nuances and prepares invoice or quotation, indicating the duration of delivery and its cost. If in the course of processing the application manager has some questions, he will contact you for clarification. So it is important for us that on your application has been specified all contact info.

4. After getting agreeing about the price of equipment, the terms of its delivery, terms of payment, manager invoices for payment. In case of necessity, it could be signed a contract specifying all the conditions of equipment supply.

5. After we funds come to our bank account (commonly, the day after the payment is made), the events are developing in the following way:

? If necessary to order equipment from a manufacturer or supplier, equipment is ordered by our manager. The delivery terms in that case vary from 5 to 65 calendar days. If the equipment is purchased in Ukraine and doesn’t need extra terms for production, the delivery of the equipment ordered is performed in maximum brief period of time. If the equipment is purchased in Europe and is to be performed to order at a builder, the delivery terms as usual includes:

- time manufacturing;

- sending to Ukraine;

- customs clearance procedures ;

- delivery to our warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk.

As a result, the delivery time may reach the maximum term – 65 days.

? With the availability of goods at the warehouse, it is reserved for bills and prepared for shipment. In this case delivery of goods takes from 1 to 2 days.

6. When the goods are already available at our warehouse, you will be informed that the goods are ready for dispatch. As usual, customers are informed by means of telephone, fax or e-mail. After we get a letter of attorney (filled), by means of fax of e-mail, the goods are shipped to you according to the terms, coordinated in the contract or commercial proposition.

7. The shipment of the goods is performed in the following ways:

? haulier (as usual, the delivery is performed at your expense);

? self-delivery from our warehouse (Dnepropetrovsk), but, be so kind to inform us.

The goods are accompanied be the following documents:
? original invoice;
? bill of lading;
? tax invoice.

We want to notify that there is no minimum order amount when purchasing equipments, materials or equipment for security systems in our company! We are ready to work with each of our clients, regardless of the volume of its purchases!

Our experts are always ready to help you make the right choice of equipment, to provide all necessary consultations. Of course, all consultations, including technicians are free. We always ready to help you, if the questions appear during installation after purchase or during the start-up and commissioning.

BASYS Group is ready to give an additional discount for the customer who buys a large consignment of equipment. We could report the discount amount after a detailed examination of your application.