After installing the new technological system or repair the old one for its correct and safe putting into operation it`s necessary to commissioning.

Commissioning work is a process of testing all the systems and components of a building or industrial structure, as well as verification of their compliance with regulatory projects and documents. Except a testing the entire system it is also carried out to test each element separately to enhance the effectiveness of health. During the commissioning, it is also verify the compliance of the built in system project plan, as well as correct operation of each system element. Without a commissioning it couldn`t operate any of security system and building installations.

Commissioning work is carried out as follows: – made a preliminary test run of the system, both in idle and full load, to test the functionality of the whole system and its effectiveness at high loads, and then run into a working operation. Testing is performed as the most important parts of the system at the maximum load, or in an emergency. Only professional experts should deal with it, as commissioning is very responsible type of work.

BASYS Group performs commissioning of various systems of any complexity at the highest level. Pursuing installation and installation of various systems and equipment, organizing and conducting commissioning work are the integral service that our company provides.

BASYS Group has all necessary licenses, as well as sufficient competence for issuing permits for the use of systems in our company after commissioning. As soon as possible BASYS Group carries out commissioning of technological systems of any complexity at the very highest level. We also execute all documents that are necessary for the safe operation and quorum. As the price of conducting commissioning work, they vary depending on the complexity of the system and the amount of work that must be done.