It should be remembered that technical service of the security systems must be done by the qualified and enough competent professionals who have all the necessary permits.

In each structure, in the commercial and in the industrial or public structures, security plays an important role. There are various security systems that offer different types of protection against various dangers. The most common system is guarding security systems, access control and fire safety systems. As a security is a fairly complex multifunctional system with a network of sensors and the system operates continuously 24 hours a day, for an efficient and uninterrupted operation of your system need professional maintenance of equipment by qualified professional technicians.

For the smooth functioning, security systems need a certain periodicity norms perform maintenance of security systems. This maintenance is an inspection of the technical state of system components, testing of its individual parts. And also gives an estimate of the overall effectiveness of the security system. Technical service of the security systems includes checking and testing of all sensors automation units , checking the operation of each element and system devices, low-power networks and verification of automation, as well as inspection of all equipment associated with the operation of security systems, fault detection and prevention, and all repairs carried out. Thus, the system will conduct the regular safety to the user gives full assurance of efficiency and reliability of the system.

It should be noted that the verification of battery status and condition of the backup automation and replacement of battery discharge is an indispensable item in the technical service of the security systems. As for the smooth operation of the security system it is not enough to rely on the reliability of the main power supply. Almost all modern professional security system equipped with an automatic backup power, which consists of a set of batteries. This set is a battery backup that is used when a power failure in the primary source.

According to additional agreements, it may include the identification and replacement of obsolete or lost relevance security elements to newer equipment.

BASYS Group provides the following services:

professional maintenance of security systems of any kind and complexity;

• technical service of the security systems;

• routine maintenance of security systems with carrying out all the work required to address the identified faults or deviations from the norm indicators;

• emergency technical service of safety systems performing all necessary repairs and commissioning works in the shortest possible time.

We have all the necessary licenses for the technical service of safety systems. Our company is competent for registration of accompanying documents confirming the safety and reliability of your security system. Signing a contract with BASYS Group, you can be absolutely sure of the efficiency and reliability of your security system.