KABA – physical access control systems

BASYS Group has cooperated with KABA more than a decade. The products of that company are in great demand and are characterized by high reliability.


Comprehensive security of the building cannot be complete without technical protection of the building. One of the reliable manufacturers is a company KABA.

Turnstiles, doors carousel personal gateways are designed for operation in systems access control to areas businesses, office and administrative buildings, for use as barrier devices in the access systems airports, stations, stadiums, water parks and other facilities.

Turnstiles and automatic doors KABA Gallenschuetz you can meet anywhere you have high requirements for safety, quality and appearance.

Advantages of KABA products

  • modular systems
  • attractive design
  • high level of safety and comfort for the user
  • well-proven drive and control unit technology
  • sturdy, durable units
  • smooth motion
  • customer-specific configurations possible
  • variety of resistance categories for protection against intruders and bullets.

Range of КАВА products

Half-height units

  • Kerberos tripod barriers
  • Charon turnstiles
  • Charon swing doors
  • Argus sensor barriers and sensor gates

Full-height units

  • Kentaur turnstiles
  • Geryon security
  • Orthos personal interlock systems
  • Orthos one-way corridors

Fields of application

  • Office and company buildings
  • Ministries and government buildings
  • Industrial plants and grounds
  • Airports
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • IT centres
  • R&D centres
  • Power plants